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Compañía Integra Soluciones


Empresa: Compañía Integra Soluciones

Dirección: Av. Melchor Ocampo # 193 Col. Veronica Anzures

Miguel Hidalgo, DF Y Zona Metro., C.P.: 11300

Contacto: Nayelli Ferriño

Teléfono: 8123535113
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Skill: SAP PP - Production Planning with ECM - Engineering Change Management & DMS - Document Management System


Location: Alpharetta, Georgia


Duration: 18+ Months




Job Description: Please specify as below:




Technical Responsibilities: (Some examples below, please fill in the appropriate responsibilities)




  • ALE Interface - Develop ALE interface between two SAP system consist of the following objects .


o             Material


o             BOM


o             ECM


o             Document info record


o             Provide necessary reporting requirements 




The interface needs to be bi directional or as agreed during the blue printing.




  • Engineering Workflows Requirement -


o             Develop engineering change management workflows and if necessary enhance the standard SAP workflow to meet business requirement.


o             Provide necessary reporting requirements 




  • DMS - establish document management system with content server. Enable transfer of data from one SAP content server to another SAP content server with required check in and check out functionality.


o             Establish proper classification/ structuring of the documents in consultation with business. To enable compilation / printing of the documents by any of the parameters.


o             Solution should handle very complex and high volume requirement.


o             Necessary mass processing functions should be put in place to enable ease of processing.


o             Provide necessary reporting requirements 




  • General requirements for the project for all objects


o             Provide required documentation


o             Conduct Internal and external testing per project plan


o             Travel per project requirement


o             Training to the Business


o             Interaction with Business and any third party for requirement / detailing/ clarification independently in alignment with SM and PM




  • Mass BOM copy


o             Multilevel Mass BOM copy functionality for different types of BOM with some of the major functionality required but not limited to


  • Drag and drop


  • Merging of BOMs


  • Splitting of BOMs


  • Managing day to day operations of the project


  • Efficient communication skill


  • Team leader and able to motivate


  • Ability to work with remote teams


  • Handle customer escalations promptly


  • Self driven and result oriented.


  • Executes the design, development, testing and documentation of programs, custom reports and lay-out sets.


  • Responsible for the development of add-ons (such as reports, user exits, interfaces, layouts) according to the specification developed and or agreed by Solution Manager/Architects" also, "Keeping of standards that are defined by organization.


  • Assisting in effort estimations (incase working on enhancements) based on specification of the requirements. Providing feedback about the progress of the development


  • Ability to support IT and business audits


  • Ability to build and manage effective documentation


  • Ability to test and support business testing as per defined test management processes.


  • Understanding of programming concepts and productivity tools




Experience required: 8+ Years is preferred


Relevant Years of Experience: 3 + Years


Must Have Technical Qualifications: Bachelor Degree in Science or equivalent

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